A car offers a variety of ways to get the most out of your summer. If you’re looking for some fun, family car activities to try this summer, keep reading.

Summer Car Activities

Drive-In Movie Theatre

When was the last time you went to a drive-in movie? These childhood staples are more common than you might think, and with just a little research, you may discover you’ve been living within driving distance of one for years.

Drive-in theatres are a great way to enjoy an evening with your family. You can relax, talk, eat, and laugh in your own space without fear that you or your kids might be distracting the viewers around you. Throw some comfortable blankets in the car, pick up your favorite movie snacks like popcorn or candy, and enjoy the show.


If you live in the city, chances are that activities such as stargazing may never cross your mind. If your car offers a wide, panoramic sunroof and reclining seatbacks, however, then your car provides the perfect outlet to drive outside the city and enjoy the next summer meteor shower.

Check your local weather station to find when the next meteor shower or galactic event may occur, download a couple of stargazing apps, and you’re ready to go.

Take Naptime Outdoors

Naptime can be a blessing and a curse. For parents of young children, you know how important naptime is for your family routine, yet you also know that setting a chunk of time to stay home in the middle of your day can make planning any meaningful outings a challenge.

If you’re wanting to honor naptime without cutting your other plans short, try having naptime in your car. Bring a comforter, pillow, and your child’s favorite stuffed animal so you can create a nice, comfortable space for her to lie down while your older kids run, play, and explore outside. Find a quiet place to park like a state or national park where the other kids can run and play freely, while your little one gets the sleep she needs. Open up all the windows, crack open your favorite book, and enjoy a quiet afternoon outdoors.

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