After you’ve found your ideal car, it’s time to discuss how you’re planning to take it home. Leasing and financing continue to be the most popular options for getting behind the wheel of a new car. Allow us to break down the differences between the two choices.


When you choose to lease your Volvo, you won’t actually pay for the entire car, but rather the depreciation of it over the term of the lease, plus any fees and interest. Car leases are typically 2 or 3 years in length and bring along lower monthly payments. These lower payments allow customers to get a higher-end model or find a model that’s loaded with all the latest features.

During the course of your lease, you will most likely not be responsible for the costs of expensive repairs, as the lease terms of 2 or 3 years are usually within the manufacturer’s factory warranty period.

Once you reach the end of your lease, you’ll return the vehicle to the dealership to pay any final fees or charges associated with excess mileage or wear. At this point, you’ll have the chance to either purchase the vehicle outright, walk away, or lease a new vehicle.

At Schumacher Volvo Cars of the Palm Beaches, we offer numerous Volvo lease deals and specials.


If you think you’ll be looking to hang onto this vehicle for many years, financing is a great option. Financing, or purchasing, a vehicle means you’ll be paying for the entire negotiated price from the start by way of cash, loan, trade in, or all three. If you finance the vehicle through a lender, they will hold onto the title until the financing is paid off entirely.

At the end of your loan, you’ll own the vehicle and there are no additional fees to pay on it. Plus, you’re not bound to any mileage restrictions each year. You also will have the option to sell the car whenever you want. Financing a car may be cost more money in the short term, but you’ll have equity at the end of the loan that can be used toward the purchase of a new car.

Another aspect of purchasing a car is that when the warranty runs out, you’ll be responsible for the costs of any repairs.

Lease or Finance Your New Volvo in West Palm Beach, FL

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